This piece is made of an old videotape that recorded in 1997. The model was a best friend of mine. The footage remains me that our young and funny days. I participate in a portrait exhibition called MINNA NO PORTRAIT 2020. This piece was not able to get a prize but it was nominated by Mr. Terauchi Masato, a professional photographer. I used a movie editing app, Luma Fusion to edit it.

A woman driving a rental-car (ゎナンバーの女)*2019

This piece was not able to get a prize, but it was nominated by one of the reviewers at a portrait exhibition.

I used silkscreens and chemical effects to print it onto stainless steel with electricity.

I’m starting to feel that the sharing economy has brought a huge change for women because they now have more opportunities. 

A man wearing a skirt(スカートを履く男) *2019

I think that men are starting to look more like women and not only people who work in the fashion industry.

Although this is portrait piece, I didn’t let them show much of their faces.

To display them at the exhibition, I was careful about the angles, balance, layout, and naming to make the photographs look vague. Of course, this printing method makes them look vague as well.


This piece was chosen by a reviewer at Onaeba Yokohama which is one of the largest photography exhibitions in Japan, and I got first place there.

This piece was my first portfolio, gathering together some of the photographs that I had taken so far.

Although I didn’t give it a name, I wanted to make this portfolio into a kind of handmade frame.

Before I made it, I had heard about the micro-plastic environmental issue, so I wanted to avoid using plastic paper for pigment prints.

I came up with using WASHI, I put the photos into something that looked like a type of Japanese sun blind called SHOJI, which softly lets light through from the back.

After Onaeba, two of those photographs were chosen by a major commercial gallery in Tokyo to be displayed along with those of some professional photographers at an exhibition called “Light and Architecture”.


This piece is the entrance of Head Office of Kawasaki Bank's old building which was deconstructed, moved to an open-air museum called Meiji Mura, and then reconstructed on-site.


This piece is an interior of Telephone Exchange, Sapporo's <important cultural property> old building which was deconstructed, moved to an open-air museum called Meiji Mura, and then reconstructed on-site.

Resembling the masterpiece by Shoji Ueda *2018

I came up to reference with a masterpiece by Shoji Ueda, one of the most famous photographers in Japan. I think you may know his art as well.

So how did I take a photograph like his? Well, I came up with the idea to use some small toy people made for train models. I guessed that a shop for train geeks would have many kinds of these, and I went there and discovered that I was right.

I set up the toys in a way resembling Mr. Ueda’s piece,  plus included a little bit of a joke in the photograph, but I’ll let you find it on your own.

I was fortunate enough to get second place at an exhibition along with a nice tripod.